Emoji for Jekyll as a Ruby Gem

By Yihang Ho

A little while ago I wrote a plugin for Jekyll that helps enabling Emoji on sites generated by Jekyll. It is really easy to use - just grab a copy of the plugin and copy two files over to your Jekyll project.

Today, I am taking the easiness of using this plugin to a new level. Emoji for Jekyll is now available as a Ruby Gem.

If you are using or planning to use Emoji for Jekyll, I encourage you do the following:

  1. Install the emojiforjekyll gem: bash gem install emoji_for_jekyll

  2. Remove the older version of Emoji for Jekyll from the _plugins directory. You can remove emoji-for-jekyll.rb and emojis.rb.

  3. Enable the new Emoji for Jekyll in _config.yml: yaml gems: ['emoji_for_jekyll']

All the existing APIs are still working. You can go ahead and include something like :laughing: in your posts and expect beautiful emojis! smile