Scribble 2.0

A new iteration of Scribble By Yihang Ho

Scribble has always been one of the projects that I love the most. Today, Scribble is officially relaunched with quite a bit of improvements. Let me talk a bit about the background of Scribble first.

One really cool thing about living in this Internet era is that we can communicate with any person at nearly the speed of light. Being a student, this benefits me and my friends a lot. We can have discussion on the Internet - no need to travel to some coffee shops or public libraries. However, one problem that arise is the difficulty to input and transmit math symbols and equations. What we have been doing is not only ugly, but also ambiguous:


Does it mean 1/(6x) or (1/6)x? Some of us might get frustrated and just write down the math equations, capture it using a camera, and send it over. While this might work, there are still a few issues:

  • Not mobile friendly - have to pinch and swipe a lot to view the entire page
  • Not efficient - images are big

This problem inspires me to create something to solve this problem. I figured that this thing must be:

  • mobile friendly
  • really hassle free
  • easy to use

As a result, I created Scribble. I have to say that the previous version is more or less the minimum viable product - almost everything is primitive, and you have to know the LaTeX language to use. After that I decided to sit down and recreate Scribble.

I present to you Scribble 2.0. It is completely rewritten. Not a single line of code is copied from previous version. Also, I have attempted to solve a very big problem - LaTeX input. My solution is a set of buttons that allows user to select those commonly used symbols, and their LaTeX code will automatically be inserted into the input area. It turns out this part is growing too big and I made it a side project. Its source is available here.

Some of the key improvements are:

  • Scribble is now hosted on a faster server
  • LaTeX selector
  • More social media sharing is available (We now have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  • Even more mobile-friendly

This new version of Scribble is open source. Feel free to visit its GitHub page. Scribble is still under active development - expect more cool features to come in the future. Also, feel free to contribute ideas and report bugs and give feedback. Drop me emails at Most importantly, give Scribble a try!